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The Smart Technology People

Bespoke Software

We develop applications specific to your needs, that integrate seamlessly into your existing business.

Innovate your business

Web Application Development

We can deliver software that reaches your users directly through their Internet browser.

Improve your capabilities

Mobile Application Development

Put your application into the hands of your employees or customers and let them experience the possibilities.

Harness mobile technology

Application Auditing and Assessment

We have the technology to identify, de-couple, assess and understand an application in its most granular form.

Enhance your systems

Systems Integration

The benefits of a software application cannot be fully realised until the application is appropriately integrated into existing systems and processes of the business.

Overcome obstacles

Embedded Systems
& IoT

Advanced connectivity of devices, that go beyond machine-to-machine communications. The LayerX Group of companies is a trio of capability.

Augment your platforms

How LayerX can help

Smart Hardware

Responsible for all hardware development and manufacturing, our digital electronics experts at B2 Technologies bring the 'things' to the Internet-of-Things in the LayerX Group.

Smart Software

Intelligent systems need smart software, that is where the team at LayerX come to the party. With skill-sets ranging from Assembler and C/C++ for embedded systems (on chip) through to desktop services in .Net and web apps using all the goodness that comes with HTML5.

Smart Service

Delivering highly resilient, high performance and infinitely scalability cloud services across four geographic sites, theCloud brings 100% up-time and capacity on demand to the LayerX Group.

Our Clients include

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