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Redefining the Limits


Mechatronics capabilities enables the LayerX Group to incubate end-to-end solutions that include innovative hardware assets.

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The development of any 'smart' system relies heavily on software, delivering functionality and autonomous capabilities.

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Leveraging the performance and scalability of the vGRID on-demand IT services expands the possibilities of any solution.

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How we do it

Smart Hardware

Responsible for all hardware development and manufacturing, our embedded systems experts bring the 'things' to the Internet-of-Things in the LayerX Group. The team can take your concept through to commercial reality, even including cables and packaging.

Smart Software

Intelligent systems need smart software, this is the glue that binds a solution cohesively. With skill-sets ranging from C/C++ for embedded systems (on chip) through to web applications and desktop services leveraging industry leading technologies.

Smart Service

Delivering highly resilient, high performance and infinitely scalability cloud services across multiple geographic sites, vGRID brings 100% up-time, industry leading performance and capacity on demand.

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