A Mobile Future

Growth in the mobile device space is quite simply out of control, and for the first time ever, Mobile statistics online have surpassed Desktop with Mobile now greater than 50% of all traffic.

That's 9 billion mobile phones (2020) - there are officially more mobile phone subscriptions than humans on earth [Data: ITU, World Bank, UN].

In 2019 Mobile phone usage (smart phone or tablet) out grew Television in terms of average time spent per day - we are in a truly mobile world.

This is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored - agility, accuracy, efficiency, performance and reliability are all enabled by embracing mobile. The businesses that adopt this technology correctly will reap the rewards, while those who fail to do so will miss out on all that mobile can do for them.

What is a Mobile Application?

A Mobile Application is an application that has been developed for use on a mobile device, typically this means lower processing power (performance of the hardware) and optimising the user experience for a smaller screen (number of pixels or physical size).

The development of a Mobile Application is something that must be considered in the context of your overall online solution design, however it must be considered in isolation from a user experience (UX) point of view.

What works in a browser with a mouse and keyboard almost never works on a touch screen, without considerable impact to the user experience which counteracts the efficiencies you are trying to gain.

Businesses have a wide range of Mobile Application requirements; sometimes with their own customers in mind (Business to consumer and content driven applications, buildling on the relationship you have with your customers), sometimes for use by their own staff (internal process augmentation). Increasingly, businesses are aware of the potential for Mobile Applications to assist staff, for example by streamlining their data entry or lead generation steps and helping staff in the field to work more effectively.

Mobile Devices now offer information that adds context to applications; location/GPS, accelerometer, bluetooth connected accessories and social networking open a whole new ecosystem that applications can take advantage of. These technologies now offer solutions to problems many businesses have not yet considered. We'd love to talk with you about the opportunities mobile may present to your business.

Tech Partner
Tech Partner


Whether you're interested in app development for iPhone, iPad, Android, or all three, we can deliver the solution to meet your needs. Our Mobile Application developers are experienced in all three of these major platforms.

The LayerX Difference

Delivering smart solutions invariably involves the use of some mobile technology, especially when a distributed workforce is involved. Integrating a mobile tool with an overall online solution is where your business will see the greatest information distribution benefits.

LayerX will consider the overall requirement in the context of online, offline, mobile, desktop and dedicated hardware systems (embedded system design) to make sure the best possible solution is well integrated into your existing information ecosystem.

It is this mature thought process around emerging technology that differentiates LayerX from other development companies, giving you and your business access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that will ultimately drive the best possible result for your business.

The team at LayerX have many diverse skillsets, a few of these relative to Mobile Application Development are listed below:

  • Design-led Development - applying the smart thinking before the smart building
  • UX Workshops - making sure the goals of the solution can become reality in the hands of the end users
  • Market Research - what has worked before, all around the world, don't reinvent the wheel if the requirement is only to refine an existing concept
  • Some of the technologies used (tool for the job) as and when required:
    • React Native (Cross Platform Apps)
    • Objective-C, Swift (iOS Apps, iPhone/iPad)
    • Java (Android Apps)

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