Specific use-case design

Development of an environmental sensor to easily drop into a beehive.

The commercialisation of this device included not only the electronics and firmware but also an injection mold for the plastic enclosure and mobile app (iOS and Android) for data retrieval and display.
Keeping the cost low was critical as this is a mass-market device with applications far beyond the beehive.


  • Usability design, easy to install, fit-for-purpose
  • Smart firmware to interact with Mobile App for data download
  • Smart power management to maximise battery life (12 months)
  • Clever plastic housing for easy installation

Key Technologies/Activities:

  • Embedded System Design - Schematic, PCB, Component Selection
  • Firmware development - sensor readings, data logging, transmission
  • Design Engineering - Plastic Injection Mold Tooling
  • Small-batch and large-scale production

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