Why LayerX?

We have development expertise in the full IoT application stack, and capability to work with customers to develop the puzzle pieces needed for their application. Whether they are a software-focused company that needs a hardware platform, or a hardware company that needs software and infrastructure.

Our team live and breathe innovation, it is even in our address (Waikato Innovation Park). Pushing the limits of new technologies to maximise opportunity is in the DNA of every member of the team. The decades of experience in the team allows us to draw from experience when problem solving and thinking outside the box. We are also conscious of our own echo-chamber and involve other industry experts as needed on specialist activities.

Partner for Success

The LayerX team will work closely with you to define and prioritise your requirements, adding our knowledge and experience to the project at every step.

Our experience includes design, development and deployment of solutions all over the world - on different networks in dozens of countries and dealing with numerous certification bodies.

Tech Partner
Tech Partner

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