Since the late 90's the web has continued to evolve and remains the most ubiquitous distributed application system available, enabling delivery of rich and engaging applications to anyone on the planet.

What is a Web Application?

A Web application is an application or program delivered to users over the Internet. Users access the application from within their Web Browser, usually from anywhere, although some applications are secured to within a company's network to protect senstive data. The application can be as simple as a message board or as complex as a stock trading system. "Web Apps" are often contrasted with "native apps" which are applications developed specifically for the platform, device or environment dictated to the intended end users - for example A Windows 8 Native Application is something that would be installed on the Windows operating system rather than accessed via the web browser.

Why LayerX?

LayerX has a track record of delivering quality web applications since 2007. As the head of a three tiered approach to technology (software, hardware and services) we believe that we are well placed to provide you the services you require. Our experience and expertise across a broad range of technologies and industries in the New Zealand Market makes LayerX the ideal partner to deliver your solution; we are well versed in modern software design and development methodologies and are happy to conform to your methodology of choice. We have a deep understanding and passion for web technology, and are adept at choosing the right "tool for the job". The pedegree of talent in the LayerX team will deliver-on-promise and give you and your business the result you need to take your business into the future.

Our Focus

Delivering smart solutions that empower a business to be more productive, efficient and successful. Throughout the years we have delivered on this promise over and over, giving businesses just like yours the tools neccessary to streamline processes and add value to customer engagements. The team at LayerX have many diverse skillsets, a few of these relative to Web Application Development are listed below:

  • Design-led Development - applying the smart thinking before the smart building
  • UX Workshops - making sure the goals of the solution can become reality in the hands of the end users
  • Market Research - what has worked before, all around the world, don't reinvent the wheel if the requirement is only to refine an existing concept
  • Some of the technologies used (tool for the job) as and when required:
    • Microsoft .Net Framework
    • Assembler, C, C++, C#
    • React Native, Swift, Java (Mobile Apps)
    • Java, Beans, J#, JSP
    • ColdFusion (Adobe)
    • Python, GO, R, VHDL and many other scripting languages
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript and every flavour of front-end language you can think of

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